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Computer Services / Repairs :

Our goal is timely and effective help with your computing and home theater needs. From setup to Laptop / desktop repairs to upgrades, an Agent will get your computer and accessories running smoothly.

 Networking & Internet
  1. In-Home Networking Consultation
  2. Whole Home Network Installation
  3. Network Troubleshooting
  4. Wireless Security Setup
  5. Network Installation
  6. ISP Setup & Troubleshooting
  7. Add Device to Existing Network
 Set Up & Security
  1. Computer Setup
  2. Basic Security
  3. Advanced Security
  4. Premium Security
  5. Family Security
 Repair & Upgrade
  1. Diagnostic & Repair
  2. Software Troubleshooting
  3. Repair & Prevention
  4. Diagnostic
  5. Computer Optimization
  6. Hardware Install
  7. Software Install
  8. Software Suite Install
  9. Operating System Install
  10. Restore CD Creation
 Protect & Save
  1. One Time Data Backup
  2. Online Data Backup
  3. Automated Data Backup
  4. Clean and Remove
 Data Recovery
  1. Data Recovery Level 1
  2. Data Recovery Level 2
  3. Data Recovery Level 3
  1. MP3 Setup
  2. Peripheral Setup

That's right. Just like the doctor used to do, we will come to your residence or business. No more unplugging and hauling your entire computer into the local superstore. We will come to your residence and fix it for you!

If you are looking for a new computer such as a Dell, Gateway, HP, etc. We can help you order what YOU need. We will setup the new computer for you and then copy all your email, documents, pictures, etc. from your older computer to your new computer. We have also built custom computers for clients and can build one tailored for your needs as well.

We make house calls and can assist with new computer purchases and setup


We offer flat rate pricing so there is no surprise of costly hourly and trip charges.  Here are some of the most common services:


Networking – $139

Wired or wireless, complex or simple….We can handle it!

Includes wireless encryption, network card installation if necessary, workgroup configuration, printer and file sharing.  Up to two computers or networked devices only, additional computers or devices extra.  Parts extra.


System Installation or Repair - $209

Mac or PC, Boot up problems?  Virus?  System failures?  Bring it on!

Includes operating system related repairs and installations.  Additional software installations and parts extra.


System Maintenance and Tune Up - $139

Running slow?  Minor error?  Your system will be in top shape when we’re done!

Includes temp file clean up, startup optimizations, optimized windows settings, etc.  Does not include software installations or any operating system repairs.  Parts extra.


Upgrades and Software Installations - $109

New printer?  Additional memory required?  New software? We can do it!

Includes single software titles and standard hardware devices.  Software suites and networked hardware not included.  Call for details.   Parts extra.  Small add-on charges may apply to some situations.



We also offer add-on services so that you can have additional services performed at very affordable rates!  Add-on services start at just $19.00! (Call for details)


All prices are labor charge only, parts and software extra.